Not for the moment. However stay tunned as our development team is hard at work developing new solutions for new vehicles.

DJI Matrice 300/350, Freefly AltaX, Inspired Flight 800 and 1200, Skyfront Perimeter 8 and many more! Contact us if you have another drone in mind and we will evaluate the feasibility.

This depends on the configuration; a lighter payload will be able to cover more area than a heavier payload. However, when flying at 100 m AGL and at 10 m/s you can cover approximately over 5 sq km per day.

The accuracy depends on the configuration, however the configuration which offers the best accuracy is the Riegl with an APX-20. With this configuration a relative precision of 1 cm and accuracy of 2 cm XYZ can be obtained before doing any processing optimization.

All Balko computer modules come with a 12-month warranty, the lidar modules respect the manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions. A 2-yr and 3-yr warranty extension is also available on request.

Lidar surveys are conducted using multiple flight passes or scan lines to cover large areas. Strip line adjustment helps improve the overall elevation accuracy of the collected data by minimizing vertical discrepancies between adjacent strips. In cases where LiDAR data is collected over multiple dates or flights, strip line adjustment helps maintain consistency and coherence across the entire dataset. This is essential for accurate change detection analysis.

Strip adjustment allows to reduce the point mismatch from different flight lines hereby reducing the thickness and increasing the relative precision of the overall point cloud.

It is not recommended to fly the lidar in the rain. The rain will affect the quality of the data. No lidar systems should be operated in the rain.

The Connectiv can be adapted to a multitude of different drones as the solution is completely independent. It has his own battery, INS, Lidar and camera. The advantage is that you can connect it on any multirotor drones that can carry the payload weight. We do have some interesting solutions to propose as well.

Yes, it is possible to mount thermal and multispectral cameras on the Connectiv.

A few seconds only. It’s a locking mechanism that can be easily clipped and unclipped.

Yes. If you don’t need to use the lidar then you can fly without the lidar and take advantages of the high performant INS.  We also provide all the internal and external orientation parameters (EOPs, IOPs). Using the combination of your IMU with the camera calibration profile, you can create a very accurate orthophotos without the need to us ground control point in your photogrammetry processing. Use them just as check points !

The goal of e-LAS is to get the best out of your hardware. It is to provide a calibrated, aligned, colorized and georeferenced point cloud needed for further processing. The goal is not to have multiple additional functionalities such as classification and line work as multiples others software specialized in these categories. e-LAS has all the functionalities to get your data as accurate and precise as possible and give you the tool to validate your data with some quality control functionalities and RMSE Report.

Yes, depending on the configuration.

Yes, it is possible to rent certain configurations.

Yes, Balko provide also the complete drone pilot training to become an advance flight operator (Ground school, Flight practice and Flight review exam).

Yes, however this becomes a custom made integration. A budget needs to be evaluated and discussed prior. It is evaluated separately than the existing configurations.

The product design has been done in respect to small tolerance values that the boresight angles and lever arms measurements doesn’t change whenever you swap modules. We recommend one lidar calibration per year for your unit.

The Hesai, Velodyne and Riegl lidar combined to the Applanix 15 INS will provide a more repeatable precision and a higher accuracy due to higher performance INS.

e-LAS has the functionality to import ground control points (GCP) and do a RMSE calculation. You can also do a tie matching of your lidar point cloud using a few selected GCPs to improve the overall accuracy.