Connectiv M2X APX15

The Connectiv configuration using the XT32/M2X is the best performing sensor in its class. It is also the lightest which allows the drone to fly longer and therefore cover more area per day. With its relative accuracy of 3 cm, this sensor is optimal for mapping and change detection projects in highly wooded and shrubby areas. It is also used in inspection projects because of the good relative accuracy which can be achieved.

The Hesai XT32/M2X has the advantage of having 3 returns per laser pulse. For this reason, it is possible to obtain a higher ground point density compared to several other sensors in its category, and this, even with a dense vegetation cover.

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  • Laser manufacturer


  • Laser Model


  • INS


  • Accuracy

    3 cm

  • Precision

    3 cm

  • Pulse / second

    1 920 000

  • Echos (returns)

    Up to 3

  • Field of view (FOV)

    40.3° x 360°

  • Operating temperature

    -15° to +40° C

  • Wavelength

    905 nm

  • Dimensions

    230 x 102 x 126 mm

  • Weight with battery

    1613 g (approx.)

  • Weight without battery

    1383 g (approx.)

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