Connectiv miniVUX1 APX20

The Riegl sensor gives the best overall performance and is ideal for measuring small anomalies in infrastructures, such as roads, railways, hydroelectric towers. It also makes it possible to detect signs of movement under a very dense vegetation cover, such as for hydrogeomorphological monitoring or to measure settlement in the soil. The advantage of using the Applanix 20 INS is the high accuracy of the measurements without post-processing. In just a few clicks the data is accurate to 2 cm in XYZ allowing high compatibility with other existing data sources and facilitating subsequent processing.

The Riegl mini-vux 1, including the Applanix 20 INS, provides a measurement with a relative accuracy of 1 cm and a precision of 2 cm in XYZ. This sensor includes 5 returns by laser pulse promoting a very high point density on the ground even under a dense vegetation cover. Its total field of view (FOV) is 360 degrees. The measurement frequency is 100,000 pts/sec per return.

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  • Laser manufacturer


  • Laser Model


  • INS


  • Accuracy

    2 cm

  • Precision

    1 cm

  • Pulse / second

    Up to 100 000

  • Echos (returns)

    Up to 5

  • Field of view (FOV)

    0° x 360°

  • Operating temperature

    -15 ° to + 40°C

  • Wavelength

    905 nm

  • Dimensions

    375 x 124 x 126 mm

  • Weight with battery

    2743 g (approx.)

  • Weight without battery

    2513 g (approx.)

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