Fond / Background

Introducing e-ONE — The world’s simplest modular LiDAR for drone


Balko Tech is the fruit of many years of research and development (R&D) conducted by a multidisciplinary team of engineers and scientists at MVT GEO SOLUTIONS Inc. with a unique range of experience in the Canadian drone and LiDAR industry.

Discover a whole new world of possibilities by choosing a fully modular LiDAR sensor that gives you the flexibility to grow along with the market in your industry.

Mission / Vision

Balko Tech’s goal is to level the playing field for our clients in the geospatial data acquisition market. We aim at offering innovative, flexible, and versatile turnkey solutions while minimizing the cost of future upgrades. Our modular approach is empowering our clients with the possibilities to upgrade their unit according to their needs. Whether it’s for a LiDAR project with a different sensor, a photogrammetry project with a different camera, or a mix of both; we aim to offer the most versatile unit on the market.


Distinctions of our LiDAR for drone

  • Modular

    Transform your LiDAR system by quickly swapping out lasers, inertial platforms and cameras to adapt to the data resolution and precision specifications required by different projects without having to recalibrate the system. This sensor can be used with a camera alone for direct georeferencing (photogrammetry), or synchronized with a laser to obtain a colorized LiDAR point cloud in real time.

  • Eco-Friendly

    Replacing only the necessary modules enables you to reduce your environmental footprint while quickly achieving a return on your investment. Use a single GPS/IMU connector whether you’re performing high-precision photogrammetry or simultaneous LiDAR data capture. You’ll also stay at the cutting edge of technology by changing only the necessary modules as technology advances, while also maintaining a greener approach to your business.

  • Economical

    The e-ONE system levels the playing field by providing access to a modular design concept that lets users proceed at their own pace as their businesses grow, acquiring only the components needed to achieve their current objectives within their field of activity. The e-ONE lets you do more with a single LiDAR for drone, thanks to a design concept based on interchangeability and adaptability for quick, easy integration with a variety of professional-grade drones.


Modules can be purchased individually (camera, computer, IMU and laser). The new modules that will arrive very soon!

Available modules

  • Caméra

    Sony, Nikon, Micasense, Phase 1 cameras and much more!

  • Computer


  • LiDAR Velodyne Puck LITE

    Velodyne Puck LITE

  • LiDAR Velodyne Puck LITE

    Velodyne Ultra Puck

  • LiDAR LIvox AVIA

    Livox Avia

  • Applanix APX-15

    IMU Applanix APX-15

  • Hesai Pandar XT32/M2X

  • RIEGL miniVUX-1/3UAV


Software that goes with our LiDAR for drone


The Balko Tech solution includes the e-LAS+ software tool that enables you to import the data captured by the LiDAR for drone and export a georeferenced and colorized point cloud in an LAS format that can be used with a wide range of other processing and analysis tools. This software was developed by a team with over five years of expertise in drone-based LiDAR data acquisition and processing, resulting in an efficient, easy-to-use software tool.

Software that goes with our LiDAR for drone

Software features include:

  • Import .sbet file with the corrected trajectory

  • Automatic segmentation of flight lines to be processed

  • Select a sample for faster visualization in the field

  • Quickly modify the processing angle and the length of the flight line segment to be processed

  • Visualize the point cloud according to different variables (elevation, intensity, angle, fly lines)

  • Export the point cloud for different planimetric and altimetric projection systems

  • Geolocalize images and export GPS and IMU data in .csv format

  • Colorize LiDAR point clouds and export in LAS format


Photo de Maude Pelletier la fondatrice / Maude Pelletier the founder

Word from the president

The success of this project is not only the unique result of this innovation but the beauty of the journey to get there. We faced the challenges together in calm and positivism and persevered until we achieved our goals. It is with great pride that we present Balko Tech e-ONE, a LiDAR for drone that comes from a detail-oriented team of experts in drone lidar data acquisition and processing.


Revolutionizing the Drone Industry with Lidar Technology: An Expert’s Perspective

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Revolutionizing the Drone Industry with Lidar Technology: An Expert’s Perspective


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