Connectiv PuckLITE APX15

Ideal for smaller area projects (e.g. mining site, residential or commercial development site, construction sites… etc. ) This configuration of the Connectiv with the Puck LITE sensor offers a relative accuracy providing measurement quality which allows to monitor change detection or perform volumetric calculation projects.

The Puck LITE lidar configuration is the most economical in its class. This lidar gives a relative accuracy of 4 cm, an accuracy of 5 cm in XYZ and a measurement frequency of 300,000 pts/second per return.

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  • Laser manufacturer


  • Laser Model


  • INS


  • Accuracy

    5 cm

  • Precision

    4 cm

  • Pulse / second

    300000 pts/sec

  • Echos (returns)

    Up to 2

  • Field of view (FOV)

    30° vertical
    360° horizontal

  • Operating temperature

    -10° to +40° C

  • Wavelength

    905 nm

  • Dimensions

    229 x 102 x 126 mm

  • Weight with battery

    1759 g (approx.)

  • Weight without battery

    1529 g (approx.)

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