Connectiv Ultra Puck APX15

Ideal for projects with large areas to be surveyed. This lidar configuration allows you to fly at an altitude of up to 120 m AGL with a flight speed of 10 m/s. This sensor is mainly used in mapping projects for the creation of digital elevation models, contour lines, slope indices, ecoforest inventories… etc.

The UltraPuck lidar configuration provides higher point density at a lower price with 5cm accuracy in XYZ. The measurement frequency reaches up to 600,000 pts/sec per return.

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  • Laser manufacturer


  • Laser Model

    Ultra Puck

  • INS


  • Accuracy

    5 cm

  • Precision

    10 cm

  • Pulse / second

    600 000

  • Echos (returns)

    Up to 2

  • Field of view (FOV)


  • Operating temperature

    -15° to +40° C

  • Wavelength

    903 nm

  • Dimensions

    243 x 102 x 126 mm

  • Weight with battery

    2059 g (approx.)

  • Weight without battery

    1829 g (approx.)

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